Keyman Developer online keyboard issue

Just started using Keyman and downloaded the Greek Keyboard. All went well. But my main reason for installing Keyman was to design my own layout using Sanskrit characters. So I’ve installed Keyman Developer and built my keyboard. It compiles and installs no problem. The only issue is when I’m using the On Screen Keyboard. The glyphs on the keys just show the default characters. If I have a text editor open and click on any key on the keyboard, it produces the desired output, but I can’t see what is going to be output by looking at the On Screen Keyboard.

Within Keyman Configuration
Looking at the Entry for Devanagari I see
On Screen Keyboard: Not Installed

Whereas looking at the entry for the Greek Keyboard I see
On Screen Keyboard: Installed

It seems there’s more to be completed for my keyboard but I don’t know where to find any further instructions on the process. I have followed all the instructions I can find on this site (as far as they go, even created my own little icon :slight_smile: ) It just seems I’m missing something vital.

Hi @kenf, welcome to the Keyman community! You’ll need to add an Onscreen Keyboard resource to your keyboard layout in order to get your preferred glyphs on it:

  1. In the keyboard editor, Details tab, add an ‘On Screen Keyboard’ to the Features grid.
  2. Once you have added the On Screen Keyboard, you’l see an appropriately labeled tab in the editor; see for instructions on use of the on screen keyboard editor.

Note that you will need use a keyboard package in order to install the keyboard together with the on screen keyboard.