Keyman Developer: On-Screen Keyboard "Fill from layout" hangs


I’m setting up a new project in Keyman Developer. After filling in 3 layers in “Layout” (unshifted, shifted, and right alt), I go to the On-Screen tab and try to use “Fill from Layout”.

The little pop-up box comes up which says “Please wait while importing the Keyman keyboard into the visual keyboard.” and below it says “Importing Shift K_1”. But it just hangs here and does not fill in any keys for the On-screen keyboard.

I’ve done this before and it worked great, basically instantly. I have the latest version of Keyman Developer ( What should I do?

Hi @Christopher_Fiorello,

Welcome to the community! This issue can arise if there is a shortcut setup on your system which conflicts with a key on your keyboard – the shortcut can override the import process. Check your apps (including Keyman itself) for any hotkeys which may be in conflict and disable them temporarily.

This may be a long shot, but I think I’ve encountered this when I’ve just installed a new version of Developer. As I recall, Developer needs to install something to let it do that import and there’s a permissions dialog hidden somewhere waiting for approval before Developer can finish the import.

Good call @drowe. If it isn’t already, the “Keyman Developer Debug Host Keyboard” needs to be installed. Normally, that will trigger an elevation prompt and you’ll be taken through the install steps, but sometimes the elevation dialog doesn’t come through to the foreground – you’ll see it in the task bar.

Aha! That was it, the Keyman Developer Debug Host Keyboard. I had disabled it just to clean up my interface a little bit. I suppose that I also did not know what the Debug Keyboard does. When I re-enabled it, everything worked fine.

After disabling it again, the error message popup was able to get through, which says “Unable to start debugging – failed to switch to language with error 80004005”. I don’t think I would have been able to figure out what to do even if I had been able to see that message.

Thank you so much @Marc and @drowe! Turning the Keyman Developer Debug Host Keyboard was the solution.

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Great to hear!

We do plan to remove the requirement for the Debug Host Keyboard in a future version of Keyman Developer, but there is a fair bit of engineering involved to make that happen. Given that plan, we are not doing a lot of work on the existing code pathways, hence somewhat weird error messages at times…