Keyman Developer crashes when keyboard icon is too big

I was helping a colleague work on his keyboard and every time I went to look at the icon in developer, developer crashed. I’ve submitted at least three crash reports in the last two days (the latest was GH5710 ).

I’d share the icon but this form won’t let me attach it (even if I rename it .png).
The properties say it is 128x128 pixels and has a bit depth of 32.

Keyman developer can include this icon in the keyboard, it just cannot display it without crashing.

Okay, thanks for the report – I’ve added this information to the crash report which will help us to address it. Could you email me a copy of the icon so I can reproduce the issue?

OK trying to send this in as an email reply. My first try bounced back to me.

Here we go again.

Second try, no attachment. Trying again.

How does this work?

Here’s a link to it on my Google drive.

Okay, got it thanks. (Sorry that I wasn’t clear – I had intended for you to email it to my personal email address as the forum doesn’t allow arbitrary file type attachments).

Tracking this issue at

A fix for this is landing in 11.0