Keyman Developer - Burmese Windows LangID

I am not sure this is requested before or, in todo. I would like to request adding &WINDOWSLANGUAGES LANGID for Burmese in Keyman Developer. It is 0x0455 available since Windows 8.1[link].

Language: Burmese
Location (or type): Myanmar
Language ID: 0x0455
Language tag: my-MM
Supported version: Release 8.1

[link] https://
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While the Burmese language is not currently listed in Keyman Developer, you can create a keyboard that references it anyway. Assuming you are using Keyman Developer 9, in the Code tab of the Layout page of your keyboard, add the following lines:

store(&LANGUAGE) 'x0455'
store(&WINDOWSLANGUAGES) 'x0455'
store(&ETHNOLOGUECODE) 'mya'

This will compile correctly, even though the Details tab in Keyman Developer will show Unknown language x0455. Note that we don’t yet have support for BCP-47 language tags (e.g. my-MM). We are working on this, and when BCP-47 support is in place, it will replace the &ETHNOLOGUECODE store.

Thanks Marc, will do that way for now.