Keyman Developer 11 vs. Keyman Desktop 8?

I’m trying to tweak the yiddish_pasekh keyboard and got a clean compile with my bit of test code. When I tried to run the debugger, it complained that Keyman Desktop wasn’t installed. Keyman Desktop 8 is indeed installed.

Is the old version invisible to the Developer? I am loath to upgrade Desktop, as it works well and I got flaky results when I briefly tried later versions.


When I had Keyman Desktop 10 installed, Keyman Developer 11 complained that Desktop was not installed, so I think you have correctly diagnosed the problem.

You could upgrade to Desktop 11 for your debugging and (if necessary) downgrade later.

It would be interesting to know what doesn’t work for you with Desktop 11.

I was hoping to avoid upgrading unless (as you say) that’s the problem.

I’ll try it again and see how it goes.


The Keyman file has a version 10 statement. You might change that to version 8.0. Recompile and see if that works. It may be that there are version 10 dependencies. I don’t remember.

Hmm, now I’m more confused:

I changed the version store to 8.0 (store(&VERSION) "8.0") and

the error message says:

yiddish_pasekh.kmn: Error: line 17  error 4061: &TARGETS system

store requires store(&version) ‘9.0’

yiddish_pasekh.kmn: Error: line 18  error 405D: KeyboardVersion

system store requires store(&version) ‘9.0’

Then I changed it to 11.0, anticipating upgrading Desktop

(store(&VERSION) “11.0”), but that also bitches:

yiddish_pasekh.kmn: Error: line 8  error 400D: Invalid 'version'


yiddish_pasekh.kmn: line 393  info 208A: The compiler has assigned a

minimum engine version of 9.0 based on features used in this

Now I'm not sure what version of Desktop will work with the V11

Developer …


Yes, it appears that this keyboard requires a minimum of Keyman Desktop 9.
I changed this store

store(&VERSION) '9.0'

and it compiles for me. I’m not going to try to install desktop 9 for testing. Since it already requires you to update your Keyman Desktop you might as well leave the keyboard as is and upgrade to Desktop 10 at least. Is there a reason not to go to version 11?

I will try installing Desktop 11 and see if it will let me test my kb.

I’m not sure when I got the yiddish_pasekh keyboard file, but it works fine with Desktop 8.0

The store(&targets) statement was introduced in Keyman 9 to add support for cross-platform keyboards; Keyman 8 was Windows-only. You can comment out that line if you want to compile for Keyman 8, and then you should be able to use store(&version) '8.0'.


c @@@ store(&VERSION) “10.0”

store(&VERSION) “8.0” c @@@

c @@@ store(&TARGETS) ‘windows macosx linux web’

Got me this:
yiddish_pasekh.kmn: Error: line 18 error 405D: KeyboardVersion system store requires store(&version) ‘9.0’

Can you comment out that line as well?

If I do, the compiler says it presumes version 9.0

I'll try it with Desktop 11 soon.