Keyman Desktop Pro 9 to Keyman 10

Hi there,
I have been a Keyman user for the last 11 years and am currently using Keyman desktop pro 9.0 on a win10 machine. When checking updates my Keyman tells me that “no updates are available” yet I see that keyman 10 is out. I also have a Keyman Developer license, would the upgrade from 9 to 10 affect this? Could I get some guidance on this?
Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for being an avid user of Keyman. As of 2017, all the Keyman products are free (no license required).

You can get downloads to Desktop 10 and Developer 10 (along with links to other Keyman products) at

We aim to release Keyman 11 in a few months.

Thanks Darcy,

I have downloaded and installed Desktop 10 and Developer 10 and am now facing the following issue.

A number of the tools I use are developed in VBA/VB and C# and make explicit calls to the Tavultesoft Keyman Library (kmcomapi.dll v1.5 to be precise).

It would seem that the new install removed this API making my tools non functional.

Could you confirm whether:

  • kmcomapi.dll v1.5 is compatible with Desktop 10 => in which case I just need to reinstall it

  • kmcomapi.dll v1.5 is not compatible with Desktop 10 but a new (backward compatible) dll is => if so please let me know how to obtain it

  • kmcomapi.dll v1.5 is not compatible with Desktop 10 and has no equivalent => In which case I will revert to Desktop v9

Thanks :blush:



Keyman 10 replaced the kmcomapi library with keymanapi (still called kmcomapi.dll). We went this way because the existing library was predicated on a licensing design which we had to factor out, and it would have been difficult to maintain backward compatibility.

Once we made that decision, we were able to simplify and clean up many legacy aspects of the library.

The library is documented at

Thanks for the prompt response Marc,

No problem that makes good sense.

I’ll revert back to 9.0 for the time being and redesign my tools to work with the new API before making the move to 10.0