Keyman Desktop: Localization completed but strings still in English!

I have been translating the Keyman Desktop interface into Fulah and completed the work. But I sill have a few English strings on the first screen, before we go into configuration. Those are mainly Font Helper, Text Editor, Character Map, etc.
I double-checked the strings in the locale.xml file, they are fully translated.
Anything that might be the issue?
Thank you in advance.

Can you share your locale.xml file with us and we can check?

Hi Marc,
Thanks for your reply. The problem was solved by copying and pasting a whole bunch of “Menu Items” that was missing from the file (copied from French locale as the locale.xml in the xml folder did not work!)
Right now it’s early morning in France and my desktop is currently shut down, but I will share the file.
I think it will be much too tedious to update the locale file manually should there be any future update. So I was wondering if the translation platform is up and running or planned.


Yes, definitely agree that management of raw source files like this is too painful!

In Keyman 14 we are moving localization to CrowdIn for all Keyman apps on all platforms. This work is underway but not yet complete, so please don’t put data there yet – it might be lost. We will announce when it is ready for use.

Thanks a lot Marc,
Crowdin is good. I am already using it for other projects. Is there any way to convert the xml file to .po or XLIFF? It would be easier to manage the translation before Crowdiin is ready.

We don’t have any tools to do that conversion at this stage. Stay tuned – once we are in CrowdIn, it’ll all become a lot easier.

Hi Marc,
I translated the locale.xml file manually before localization was moved to Crowdin. How can I exploit that file into Crowin without having to restart all over?
Attached the Fulah locale.xml (ff) (11.7 KB)

Hi Ibrahima,

Definitely! I have converted and imported the file for you; the translated files should all be at Translating Keyman to Fula language

The completed data won’t quite make it into the initial release of 14.0 but as it is in Crowdin you can make any necessary updates and we can ship it once it is ready.


That is great Marc.
I will make all necessary updates quickly. I haven’t looked at Crowdin yet because I am just waking up. It’s early morning…
Thanks a lot once again.


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