Keyman Desktop executable installer crashes

I recently developed a keyboard layout for Keyman desktop. I bundled the Keyman developer msi with the Keyboard in the packaging, and the compiler gave a message that the keyboard compiled successfully.
However, when the end user attempted to install the keyboard, he got the message:
Access violation at address 72802D8E in module atcuf32.dll. Read of address 000000C4.
Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks!

atcuf32.dll is a component of BitDefender, so this looks like a problem with BitDefender. I’ve seen some other reports online of crashes in atcuf32.dll, e.g. this one. It looks like reporting the issue to BitDefender may help? You may also be able to disable it while running the installer or turn off its ‘Advanced Threat Protection’.

Hi Marc, Thanks for the prompt reply. Unfortunately, this user does not recall having installed Bitdefender, nor is he aware that it is resident on his computer. I’ve told him that I could do a remote support session on his computer whenever he can spare the time. K

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Good luck – hope you find the cause!

Have the issued been resolved?

No. It’s really embarrassing. I had to give the user the keyboard and Keyman installation programs separately. Even worse…he complained that he had to go search for Keyman to download it himself, even though I thought I gave him a link…

Everything should be found here: Keyman Downloads.

Were you able to reproduce the error on your side? Feel free to share the process and/or file a bug on our repo.