Keyman Desktop display with many keyboards defined

I support a great many languages and subsequently many keyboard definitions. As such, after 20 or so keyboards are loaded, the display of the keyboard selection panel from the Windows taskbar will truncate at the bottom.
This means the options Configuration…; Help…; and Exit… do not show nor can you scroll this panel down so that they may be seen.

@makara will commiserate with you on this issue: he has also experienced this. I don’t have an immediate solution but we’ll look at addressing this in version 14.

One workaround is to leave the keyboards installed but deselect some of them in Keyman Configuration (which you can also open from the Start Menu). There is a checkbox next to each keyboard in Configuration to control this. This is not great, I know, but may help a bit.

Thanks Marc J

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Please follow progress on this issue here: