Keyman Check for Updates Frequency?


I’m recalling with recent versions of Keyman for mobile platforms that the app would notify you when updates were available, and there was a status message at startup that indicated all installed keyboards were up to date. I haven’t noticed this yet with Keyman 15, even when I know an update is available (I also tried a phone restart hoping to force a check).

How frequently does it check for updates? Has this feature changed recently?



  • On Android, there is some work we are doing currently on to fix some issues around keyboard updates.

  • iOS has weekly update checks.

  • On Windows, the update checks are weekly, and you can always check manually in Keyman Configuration.

  • macOS and Linux do not yet have automatic keyboard update checks.

Which platforms are you looking at?

Thanks @Marc , I was observing an issue with Keyman for Android not discovering updates, but thought maybe I was also being impatient :slight_smile:

Hi @dyacob
I think on Keyman for Android, if an update is dismissed (cancelled), the app will ignore that keyboard’s updates for 3 months (to avoid spamming the user with notifications).

Are you expecting a gff_amharic update? If you include details about your installation, that might help us reproduce the issue.

gff_amharic is an example, it had an update last week. This week I updated 2 keyboards, gff_mesobe_fidelat, and gff_harege_fidelat and in both cases, the keyman app didn’t alert me to an available update on the server. My installed version is 15.0.272 on Android 13.

As I checked for my version now, I do see an update available if I drill down via “Settings > Installed languages > Amharic > መሶበ ፊደላት”, under “Keyboard version” I see that an update is available (the calendar date just changed on my side less than 10 minutes ago if that’s a trigger for polling).

But I wouldn’t be aware of this update without the drill down through the menus. I’m pretty sure I remember a past version of Keyman alerting me to the availability of a new keyboard when I switched to the keyboard. Does Keyman 15 give the user an alert for a new Keyboard version? I’m thinking of an “alert” as a popup that I would have “Update” and “Dismiss” buttons.

Hmm, I think there’s still a 3 month window when checking for updates.

On my Android 12 device, I did the following

  1. Download version 3.0 of gff_amharic to the phone
  2. Set the device on airplane mode (offline) and set the date/time to 3 months in the past
  3. Install a 16.0 beta build of Keyman for Android (I had downloaded the apk beforehand)
  4. From Keyman, install version 3.0 of gff_amharic
  5. Close Keyman
  6. Set the device to automatically get date/time from the network, turn off airplane mode (date updates)
  7. Relaunch Keyman and I get notifications about gff_amharic being available.

Maybe your Android 13 device’s App notification setting is blocking the Keyman notification?

Thanks @darcy , I checked notification settings and it is on for Keyman. I have a “Notification Log” app installed and see that the notification for the gff_mesobe_fidelat update arrived at 12:03 AM which is when the phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode, so the notification would have been suppressed. FWIW the log app saves the full json payload if you would like to view it.

Perhaps past notifications were likewise suppressed if arriving during my Do Not Disturb hours. I’ll uninstall and then install a previous version to see what happens. A feature request might be for Keyman to wait until “Do Not Disturb” hours end to check for updates so the user has a higher chance of viewing the notification.

Our long-term goal is for the Android app to just automatically update keyboards and lexical models in the background. This way, the latest versions are always installed.

You can add your thoughts to that issue which will help our team as we discuss the Keyman roadmap Dec 5-9.

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