Keyman causing FreeFileSync to Crash

This problem only happens when FreeFileSync is exiting so it is not a high priority. I am running the keyman 11. Below is the email from FreeFileSync developer. Uninstalling keyman the problem goes away.

FreeFileSync is crashing during exit. The problem is most likely caused by the following DLL which is found in the call stack:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Keyman\Keyman Engine 10.0\keyman64.dll

This seems to be a third-party shell extension. Uninstalling or updating to a newer version of this software might help.

Regards, Zenju

Have you tried updating to Keyman version 11?

Yes, I have the latest version of Keyman.
I uninstalled and ran without crash. Re-installing causes a

  It is not a show stopper since the crash only occurs when exiting


I have documented this issue for further investigation in due course at

I believe we have a fix for this issue in the latest update of Keyman 11.0.1359.0 at

Thank you. It looks like the problem is
fixed. I no longer need to delete the log dumps from my desktop.

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