KeyMan Android Feature request - Localise 'Close Keyman' button

I’m using the embedded keyman android engine for a KAB keyboard but the Globe / K_LOPT menu opens with a button that refers to Keyman: ‘CLOSE KEYMAN’. I would like to be able to customise this so it more obviously applies to the name of my keyboard. Could we consider this? Several projects are involved so this may be difficult and may apply more to KAB.

As of Keyman 14.0, we’ve added the ability to localize strings via

It’s free to join the project and contribute by translating the strings.

When translations are completed, we update the 14.0 builds,

That’s good. I’ve joined it and I guess I could customise the language just to rename KeyMan.

Well, the problem with that is that we couldn’t accept that translation into Keyman!

This is a more general issue for KAB users – how to customise certain strings within the app. We plan to work on this in Keyman 15 – see [Android] The Globe key has a poor user experience · Issue #1887 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub. We had an issue to address the text in [Android] 'Close Keyman' button is not configurable for other apps that use Keyman Engine · Issue #2035 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub but that unfortunately did not make it possible for KAB to customise this particular string.

I found the relevant string in the .aar file res/values/values.xml but I suspect that hacking that string may be undesirable. Presumably this is an issue for any app using the Keyman engine anyway, as the user may not be nor need to be aware of Keyman’s role. Would ‘Close keyboard’ or ‘Switch keyboard’ be better for this?

Well… if you are going to go to the level of hacking the .aar file you might as well clone the Keyman source and fix the issue directly :wink:

I think Close keyboard or Switch keyboard is actually confusing – the reason we used the term Keyman there is because when we built it, it was only Keyman – there were no 3rd party apps using it.

This just needs to be made configurable, which is on the schedule for 15.0.

You’re right. Configurable for KAB is the most helpful. Thanks for looking into the Globe key too; that would be great.