Keyman and Paratext

When I change chapters in a Paratext 8 Scripture window on my Windows 10 machine, I lose the keyboard activation and have to reestablish it.

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the community! Can you describe the issue a little more? Does the Windows language switch back to (say) English, or does the Keyman keyboard seem to be still active but not working? Which version of Keyman are you using?

I’m using Keyman 11.0.1360.0. I have Keyman active in the tray. When I start Paratext I click the Keyman icon and select my keyboard layout and the icon changes to the appropriate one. But when I change books in the Paratext menu (I mistyped in my initial post), the icon goes back to the Keyman icon and my layout is no longer active.

This sounds like it might be something in Paratext rather than Keyman that is switching the keyboard between books. I am not that familiar with Paratext’s configuration; you might try asking Paratext support?