Keyman Amharic keyboard keeps reverting to English


For some reason the Keyman keyboard keeps reverting to English. This is hampering my work and I need it resolved soon. I tried restarting it just in case but the problem is there.

Among some of the behaviour I’ve observed:

  • When typing in Trados, the Amharic won’t stay put and change back to English after a short time.
  • I tried to use Notepad to copy-paste the Amharic text, and while it doesn’t change back to English while typing, if I go to another window/app and return to Notepad, the keyboard will revert back to English.

Note: this behaviour started after a recent update (today or yesterday), both Windows and Keyman. I believe one of them is the cause, though I’m not sure which one.

Edit 1: I discovered another pattern. It seems the reversal in Trados occurs when a feature of Trados takes place, i.e., the glossary suggests a term for auto-insertion. Other than that it acts the same way as Notepad. So I have to assume the issue is with Keyman’s update. Also, this reversal after changing windows happens on all apps it seems.

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Can you let us know which version of Windows and which version of Keyman you are using? It may also be helpful for us if you can send a diagnostic report, following instructions at