Keyman 16 Installation Failure

I have been using Keyman for many years with no problem. I have Windows 10, and I had Keyman 16 installed. A few days ago I got a pop-up message saying that there was an update to Keyman 16, asking if I would like to install it. I said yes, but the install failed. A message came up saying: “An installation package from the product 16.0 cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package ‘keymandesktop.msi’.” During this whole process I ended up manually de-installing the Keyman 16 that I already had on my computer. I tried downloading it from the website to get a fresh install of the latest version, but got error messages, such as “Fatal error during installation” and “Failed to cache installer MSI file (code 2,3): The system cannot find the path specified.”. At one point McAfee said that it found a virus (called Artemis) in the install file and put it in quarantine. I tried several times with the same kinds of results. Now I have no Keyman. I have to use copy and paste if I need a special character. Has anyone else had Keyman 16 install problems? Does anyone have any ideas about why mine will not work, or how I might go about making it work?

I suspect all these installation errors are from McAfee putting the installer file into quarantine. If you are willing to trust Keyman more than McAfee, I would think you can tell McAfee to unquarantine the Keyman installer and that it is trusted, then you should be able to install Keyman again.

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Hello Steve,

Yes, that did the trick. I paused McAfee and was able to install everything okay.

Thank you.



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