Keyman 16 Alfa (34) hotkey as F12 or F11

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I install Keyman 16 Alfa (34) over Keyman 15 (Released). It works fine until I try to change existing hotkey of a certain keyboard.

In V. 15 I can set a hotkey with F11 or F12 (And if I set in in 15 and upgrade to 16 then it works) etc. But I can’t set a new custom hotkeys without Ctrl+Shift or Alt.

Please provide an option as earlier.

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Hi Arun,

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I’ve tried to replicate the issue on Windows 11 Pro 21H2 using Keyman 16.0.34-alpha, but I can set the hotkey to either F11 or F12 without any issue (see below). The keyboard get switched to what was set for.

Can you check whether there is any conflict with the application you are using the Keyman keyboard with?

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I figure out where is the issue with me.

  1. 1st I have to set hot key as “None”.
  2. Then again change the hot key as"F12"
    Then it works
  3. I again change the hotkey with “F11”
    Expected : IT should change with “F11”
    Observed : It automatically add Ctrl+Shift before “F11”

OS : Win 10 21H2

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Can you select “None” and then press the F11 key?

I cannot replicate this issue on my side. I can change the hot key to F11 and F12 and use it without any issue.

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“Can you select “None” and then press the F11 key?”

Yes, I can. But I have to select and active “None” first the apply F11/F12 etc etc.

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“None” means no hotkeys. If selected, nothing is set as a hotkey. You would see (none) at the far right of the keyboard:

To set the hotkey as you wish so long as it doesn’t conflict with Windows’ or certain app’s shortcut, select “Custom” and then press the key, i.e. F11 or F12.