Keyman 14 updated on Windows 10 today - IPA keyboard disappeared. Any idea why or how to fix it?

Hi all
I clicked OK to update Keyman to version 14 today… (On a Windows 10 laptop.)
Wish I hadn’t as my IPA keyboard that was installed and working yesterday is now either not installed or not an option to choose from.
There is an UND keyboard which also has Undetermined or und-Latn to describe it.
But it doesn’t have any IPA features. So I guess I need to go and find the IPA keyboard and re-install it? If I don’t please let me know.
If I do please point me in the right direction to find it and install it. And maybe explain why this isn’t baked into the update?

Hey Greg
You can reinstall the IPA keyboard at

What version of Keyman were you using before the update?

Hey Darcy
Thanks for the quick response.
I think it was version 12.