Keyman 14 beta does not recognize the 'caps lock' key

Hi everyone:
I have installed Keyman 14.0.244 beta. If I press ‘caps lock’, keyman ignores the keystroke. If I deactivate keyman, this key works perfectly. I have tested this problem on two computers: desktop and laptop. Previous versions of keyman did not have this issue. Any solution?
Thank you in advance. All the best,
Miguel Á.

Welcome to the community, Miguel.

I observe this behavior also on my side when using EuroLatin (SIL) keyboard. Were you experiencing this behavior with this same keyboard?

It may also help us if you could mention which operating system you’re using - Windows, macOS, or Linux.

I’m using Windows 10 Home 20H2 (64 bits). I use my own keyboard (which I have always updated without problems in new versions of Keyman developer and Keyman Desktop), to transcribe Arabic into Latin characters.

An issue has been created at bug(windows): Caps Lock not working as expected · Issue #4525 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.

A workaround for now is to switch to a different app and then back to the one you want to use the keyboard to type in all caps while leaving the Caps Lock on.

I’ve tested it in mac and it works as expected. When the Caps Lock on, the capital letters are output.

A fix for the Caps Lock issue has been released in Keyman version 14.0.248-beta

Hi, Marc:
Thank your for your suppport, but Keyman 14.0.248-beta still does not recognize the capslock keystroke. With the previous beta-version at least the LED indicator that the key had been pressed would light up, even if the caps lock did not work. If the keyboard was changed, using the original windows10 keyboard, capslock worked. Now the LED does not light up, and no matter which keyboard is used, capslock does not work.
I have found this utility (RJL Software - Software - Utility - CapsLock) for working around. It works with and without keyman. Thank you again, Marc. I am sure this issue will be fix. All the best

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@marc this issue seems to be fixed for EuroLatin (SIL) keyboard, but not others, i.e. Ma’di keyboard.

Keyman 14.0.249-beta has fixed this problem in both PC and Laptop. Now capslock is working again.
Thanks for your support. All the best

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@makara, see my comment here. tl;dr: it’s an issue with the keyboard, not with Keyman in this case.

@mmanzano thank you for the feedback. Glad to know the fix is working!

Thanks all,
I was wondering how caps-lock works on touch screen layouts. I can’t seem to make it work. Using KM13 on Windows10.

I think the Shift key is the equivalent to it on touch layout. By default, the Latin based keyboards would have all capital letters on the Shift layer.

I didn’t quite understand what you meant. Sorry.
I have two issues with CAPS:

  • Have the keyboard on Shift state when it is launched.
  • Be able to use Caps-lock to type ALL-CAPS text.
    On some other keyboard, it is a double tap.
    Do I need to tap shift for every letter when I write INTERNATIONAL for instance?

Thanks all for your help.

You can choose to stay on the Shift layer by leaving this image as is. Only when you change the “Next Layer” of each key on Shift layer to another layer, i.e. “Default”, the keyboard would switch to the Default layer.

For instance, you can try EuroLatin (SIL) keyboard on your phone to see how this works.

We plan to add additional Caps Lock style support in Keyman 15; see #3620 (Caps Lock layer for touch layouts) and #3621 (Start of text/sentence selects shift layer) for details.

The related feature #3720 (suggestions respect capitalization) has been completed in 14.0.

Thank you
The workaround I did is leave shift state as next layer on all shift keys. I then deactivate shift to return to default.
Annoying side-effect: to type a single Cap I needed to press shift, type, then press shift again. Still less taps than before.

That would be super.

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