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Let us know what you think so we can make Keyman 13 a better product. If you run into a bug or issue, please report it here.

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version 13 checklist, we can see corrections and also in the app, there a toggle for corrections.

How to enable create of words of corrections?

How does it work?

Please point to documentation on how to create and use.


I see in the developer documentation, prediction acts as corrections.

  1. Can correction model be improved by creating wordlist to usual suspects of bad spelling to correct spelling
    recieve -> receive

  2. try alternative letters based on key positions

  3. perhaps use nuspell which is newer version of hunspell
    To perform spell check, auto-correction feature.

This is a good suggestion for incorporation into version 14 of Keyman :slight_smile:

This is already supported; in version 14 we plan to extend this further.

Nuspell and Hunspell both add a significant dependency burden to Keyman which make them less than ideal for integration. So we are not planning to use them at this time, but may revisit this in the future.

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The corrections algorithm currently uses a simplified distance algorithm to determine related words and uses key proximity for additional alternatives.

The primary documentation for the lexical model editor is still in development during the beta cycle; you can see what we already have at