Keyman 13.108 runtime error

I have just installed the 13.108 version of keyman desktop and I am getting this error:


The end-result is it will not run.
Any suggestions ?

Reverted to 12.0.66 which I can start up until the splash screen, go into configuration, then clicking diagnostics produces this error:


I did install the v.14 alpha/beta versions just to have a look, but these crashed immediately and I removed them. Could there be a residual file somewhere causing the problem?

It’s surprising that tsysinfo.exe would crash. That’s a fairly isolated component of Keyman. Normally, I’d ask you to send a diagnostic report but that’s clearly not going to work. Can we schedule a remote support session – if you would like to do this, send me a private message on this forum and we can setup a time.

Thanks Marc, I just did.
One more thing, after keyman desktop is installed, be in 13.0.100 or 108 there is this message:
I click yes and after that when keyman desktop is run again, it produces this error:

Hi @Bart_Eenkhoorn,

Thanks for sending through the crash reports you located and the additional information in the PM. That helped me trace the issue.

We might not need that remote session after all.

It looks like there is a mixed up version of Keyman installed. You appear to have version 14.0.82 of keyman.exe installed, although not all the files are present for that version. The missing files are causing Keyman to fail to start. I suggest that you uninstall both Keyman Developer and Keyman Desktop, then check that your folders C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Keyman and C:\Program Files (x86)\Keyman are empty, and then reinstall.

I’ve noted the issue for further investigation during the 14.0 development cycle.


Thanks Marc,
Installing everything completely (and deleting any .msi files) did the trick. Merci beaucoup.

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That’s good to hear!