Keyman 12 with FLEx 8

A colleague says that after upgrading Keyman to version 12, they could no longer use Keyman in FLEx 8. The FLEx developers say this is a known issue. Has anyone else encountered this? My colleague wants to keep FLEx 8 as well as FLEx 9 since he consults with users of both, but he may not really need Keyman with FLEx 8 since he is not entering data, but consulting with FLEx users.

I am having the same problem with Keyman 12 and Flex.


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You’ll need to use FLEx 9 if you want to use Keyman 10 onward.
I believe it’s because Keyman 9 was installed in a different directory from the current C:\Program Files (x86)\Keyman

FLEx 8 relied on specific registry keys in order to detect Keyman. However, the interface in Keyman 9 that FLEx interacted with has also changed in Keyman 10 and later. It’s a tricky compatibility situation for us. The best we can offer is use Keyman 9 for FLEx 8 and earlier, and Keyman 10 or later for FLEx 9+. The problem should not arise again with newer versions of FLEx and/or Keyman as the interfaces are now consistent and should not need to change.