Keyman 12 interfering with Windows 10 touch keyboard function

I just upgraded my laptop to a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 running Windows 10, and after lots of back and forth with Microsoft support, finally discovered that my Keyman installation is what is causing my on-screen touch keyboard to malfunction. When Keyman is installed, the Microsoft on-screen touch keyboard will disappear after inputting one letter (this is the case in tablet mode and console mode, for any software, program, or browser). After running a bunch of diagnostics, I tried uninstalling Keyman, and it worked perfectly again. Then I reinstalled the latest version 12 (released 11/28/19), and it once again stopped working. Uninstalled it - worked again. This is a bug that should be fixed please, otherwise I can’t use Keyman on my work laptop. Thanks!

I could reconstruct the same behaviour on my surfacebook. The only thing is, that you don’t need to uninstall keyman. Just closing it is enough to make the touch keyboard function normally again.

Can you tell me what keyboard you are trying to use?

It’s the built-in touch screen keyboard in Microsoft 10. When I remove my physical keyboard (Type Cover), the computer detects that and offers a touch-screen keyboard to use on screen.

I am currently travelling and don’t have access to a touch screen computer to test this issue. I will investigate on my return in a week or so and let you know what I find.

Does the issue arise only when a Keyman keyboard is selected, or even when the Keyman keyboard is inactive (e.g. when using a Windows keyboard layout)?

I can reproduce this with the onscreen touch keyboard in Windows 10 (a right-click on the Windows keyboard indicator shows an option to “Show touch keyboard button”. Clicking the new touch keyboard button opens a onscreen keyboard).

When Keyman 12 is running and click on any button on the onscreen “touch” keyboard it’ll close the onscreen keyboard, regardless what keyboard layout (Keyman or Windows keyboard layout) is selected.

After I exit Keyman 12 I can click any button on the onscreen keyboard and it stays open.