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I was just trying to test a keyboard on the web and the “Send addresses to email” option said I needed to edit the SMTP Settings. However, when I put the server address and try to send, it says, “The message failed to send with the following error: SMTP; Client was not authenticated to send anonymous mail during MAIL FROM. Please check your SMTP settings and try again.”

Instead of having to specify SMTP settings, would it be possible for this feature to open up the default email client on our machine?



Hi James

Is there a way to duplicate longpresses from the tablet to the phone platforms or vice-versa?

I suggest you delete the phone layout and focus on tablet. Both platforms can use that single layout.

Regarding a way to mark keys with longpress options: if you look at the K_A on the default layer, you’ll see a gray diagonal slash on the top right corner, marking that as having a longpress key.

@lss_png: Following on from what @darcy_wong said, in the apps, the keys with longpress are shown with a small dot in the top right corner; in the development environment, the subtle slash in the top right corner is shown instead.

You can also open the Code view of the touch layout editor (tab at bottom of screen) in order to copy key definitions from one layout to another, editing the JSON directly.

I’ve noted your comments on the SMTP/send via email options. Another alternative also would be to copy the entire message to clipboard which you can paste into some editor/mail client. I have noted these as feature suggestions in GitHub.

@Marc and @darcy_wong : Thank you for your comments. I see the subtle slash now, and I have seen the small dot in the app for iOS.

I guess it’s really minor, but could the slash be a few shades darker? It’s almost too subtle right now, but it is helpful.

Thank you for your quick responses!

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When I am testing locally and click “Add keyboard to Keyman for iOS”, should it be adding the keyboard from my local machine? It seems to be wanting to connect to the Internet and go to the Keyman repository for keyboards. I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that it would load the test version from my local machine.

Somewhere on one of the Help pages it said, “.TTF, .OTF, and .TTC fonts will be installed by the package installer, and uninstalled when the package is uninstalled. A list of the fonts installed is displayed in the Install Package dialog.”

The “uninstalled when the package is uninstalled” part didn’t sit right with me. There’s a few places this could cause troubles:

-If the person still wants the font to be installed even after they remove the Keyman keyboard (i.e., what if they used that font in documents, etc)
-If the font was installed before Keyman (like Doulos SIL or something), will it be uninstalled when the keyboard is uninstalled? This seemed to happen once on my machine, but I can’t seem to make it happen again.



If you test locally on your phone or tablet, it shouldn’t be going online to get the keyboard. Can you confirm that this is definitely what you are seeing?

This is one of those tricky balances. At some point, users need to be assured that uninstalling an application doesn’t leave artefacts on the computer. Does a font belong in this category? There is a suggestion that we could make removing fonts an option for the user, but we had this in the past and it caused confusion for less experienced users. But I hear you on this.

Keyman will not (“should not”) uninstall a font that it didn’t install. I’m not sure what you experienced but if you do manage to reproduce the behaviour, let me know.

Agree. See

Trying Keyman 10 Developer (10.0.1056.0) (on Windows 7) encountered a minor problem - on clicking ‘Help’ I get to the webpage with a 404 page not found error for /developer/10.0/docs/ . The correct address is (without docs on the end)


@JGH, thanks for the feedback. We have this noted already as an issue at

Hi! Thanks for making the Keyman keyboard. I am trying to get it working on OSX 10.13.4.

I installed Keyman, but I am unable to switch to it. It is greyed out in the Input menu. I have installed the Garp Sinhala keyboard and I have restarted my computer.

Hmm… Usually when that happens, restarting is enough to shake it loose. I wouldn’t guess there’s anything about that specific keyboard that could cause this, but I’ll maybe have to test it out to see. Meanwhile, you might just want to try restarting one more time.

I walked through the whole process of downloading the current Keyman for macOS beta version, and downloading the Garp Sinhala keyboard. Everything worked smoothly. After you added Keyman as an Input Method, did you see a message pop up (I think it’s when you first try to select it as the active Input Method) asking you to confirm that you want to run this application downloaded from the Internet?
You might want to look in Security & Privacy (in System Preferences) to see whether your Mac is set to allow you to run programs downloaded from “App Store and identified developers”. There’s nothing on that says you need to do that, but I think you might.

Hi Tom, thanks for your reply. I have restarted and unfortunately Keyman is still greyed out in the menu. "App Store and Identified developers is checked. I can try re-installing it.

Sure. Might as well try that. There have been a couple new versions released this week. Nothing to address your specific problem, but at least you can get the latest and greatest, and maybe it’ll shake something loose and work. If not, we’ll go back to the drawing board and see what else we can try.

@JGH We have this noted already as an issue at

An update: @Marc fixed the ‘Help’ link a few weeks ago. You should see this after updating Developer

Help --> Check for Updates…

I found couple of minor issues in 10 and have report here

Please review.

One more

But this was present in version 9.0 also.

Its my feedback. Please review and consider.

Thanks for the reports @mayura. We’re working through feedback in various channels to determine what we can address for version 10 release.

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