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Who do I contact to add a language to the list of keyboard languages on
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Contact Marc Durbin.

The keyboards in our repository are created by volunteers. You are welcome to create and add a keyboard layout for a language. Begin here: Keyman Developer 16.0 User Guide

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Follow up what @Lorna said with this:

Once you have a keyboard ready to go, this is how you submit it. When a keyboard is submitted this way, it is automatically added to our list of languages and supported keyboards for distribution.

If we don’t have a keyboard for a language, we don’t list it.

Keep in mind, the main developers and maintainers for Keyman aren’t extreme polyglots - we’re not language masters. With over 2100 languages supported by our keyboards, the majority of our keyboards were submitted by language communities, rather than created by us.

Finally, if you are not up to creating the keyboard layout yourself, this very forum is a great place to ask for help from other volunteers to create a layout for your language community. :smiley:

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