Keyboard Transparency, Mobile Only, & Script-Specific Keyboards?


(1) A CSS styling question. I think of the keyboard keys as arranged on a “tray” which we see in the background as a rectangular area. Can we set this background color? I’d like to try a transparent tray where the keys would appear to be floating above the app. Perhaps there is more to it that CSS can’t handle, but that’s the goal.

(2) Also, in Keyman Developer, if only the following targets are checked:

[✓] iphone
[✓] ipad
[✓] androidphone
[✓] androidtablet
[✓] tablet

is the Keyman server OK with it? That is, it can provide mobile keyboards without issue? I’m recalling some obstacle in the past where the server still expected to build and provide desktop keyboards.

(3) A third question… Can a keyboard be set to work for any language under a script? That is, be script-specific, but language-independent? I would like to set a keyboard to work with script “Ethi” and not restrict it to one or a few languages. Is there an BCP47 or ISO 639 code to mean “any” language or something similar? [EDIT: I’ve tried und-Ethi now which builds, but if “und” is hazardous, LMK]


Hi @dyacob,

(1) No, we can’t do this – the webview control is opaque so transparency on the keyboard will just show the webview control background, not underlying app

(2) That should be fine, though we recommend the more generic phone,tablet targets because that is more forward-compatible. A long time ago (5 years maybe?) we had a bug in touch-only keyboard deployment, but that has been fixed a long time ago. However, we always recommend including a desktop layout to support those people who use external keyboards with their Android devices.

(3) There’s no good way to do this. We do need to list the languages we know are supported.

From a technical perspective, you can say und-Ethi but the problem is that tags the text with the ‘undefined’ language, which hurts spell check, text processing, etc. Furthermore, this means that a search for keyboards for a given Ethiopic script language won’t show up this keyboard.

From a more philosophical perspective, this is also probably not ideal – unless you have verified every language’s character repertoire, there’s a good chance there will be some letter unsupported on your keyboard which will just frustrate users of that langauge! This is also about forward compatibility, because while you may verify all Ethiopic script languages listed in ISO639 today, what about languages added tomorrow, which need additional letters?

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