Keyboard shows as on, but doesn't work until it is turned off and on again

A user has installed a keyboard and set it to be the default Windows (10) keyboard. The Keyman icon is also visible and both icons indicate that the keyboard is active. However, when the user tries to type, the keyboard is not on. If the user uses the Keyman shortcut key twice (turning off and back on) then the keyboard works.
Or the user can go to the Windows keyboard icon and select US and then the keyboard and it works.
I’ve installed the same keyboard on my computer and it works as expected as the default keyboard.
The user says that something happened about a week ago that seemed to cause this behavior, but has no idea what it is. I’ve installed the 14 beta on her computer, but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

I cannot reproduce this on my side either. I am running Keyman 14.0.229-beta on Windows 10 Pro 20H2. Can you DM me the keyboard so I can give it another try.

I’ve asked the user in question to submit a debug log reproducing the problem but so far have not heard back. If you would like to assist them, see the instructions at

Here is the file that she created. The process that was followed was:

Open Keyman
Set keyboard as default Windows Keyboard
Open Word
Type 'o which should produce an accented o. What comes out is 'o
Turn the keyboard off and on again at the Windows keyboard selection
Type 'o and it produces the accented o correctly.

Thanks for submitting this. I am going to be unavailable for the next two weeks but hope to review this after I return.