Keyboard not working after exiting Keyman or removing IPA keyboard

Keyman Desktop 11.0.1352.0 is behaving oddly with certain keyboards. Here is what I am doing and what is happening:

  1. Install IPA Unicode 1.7 Keyman Keyboard (
  2. Type IPA
  3. Exit Keyman
  4. The first character I type in any program after that does not show up on the screen. After I type 1 character, the rest of the characters show up.
  5. Restart Keyman
  6. Try to use the IPA keyboard and it won’t type anything.

I believe a related problem happens as follows:

  1. Uninstall other Keyman keyboards (to make sure they aren’t causing the issue)
  2. Install IPA Unicode 1.6 Keyman Keyboard.kmp
  3. Type with the IPA keyboard
  4. Uninstall the IPA keyboard
    3b. Leave Keyman open
  5. For any program I used IPA in, I can’t type anything. Backspace, Delete, and arrow keys work (but not spacebar).
  6. Exit Keyman
  7. Go back to one of the programs where I typed IPA (and also couldn’t type anything after uninstalling IPA but before exiting Keyman)
  8. Type 1 character. Nothing happens.
  9. Type more characters, everything is normal again.
  10. If I repeat steps 1-8, I cannot type (in repeated step 4) in any program that I used since I started step 1 originally. In those same programs, the first character I type in repeated Step 7 is not shown on the screen. The rest of the typed characters display normally.
  1. Uninstall other Keyman keyboards (to make sure they aren’t causing the issue)
  2. Install IPA Unicode 1.6 Keyman Keyboard.kmp
  3. Type with the IPA keyboard
  4. Exit Keyman
  5. Open Keyman
  6. Choose the IPA keyboard
  7. IPA keyboard combinations won’t work.
  8. Go to Keyman > Configuration > Disable IPA keyboard
  9. Click OK
  10. Go to Keyman > Configuration > Enable IPA keyboard
  11. Click OK
  12. Choose the IPA keyboard
  13. IPA keyboard combinations work now.

I am submitting this with the IPA Unicode 1.6 Keyman Keyboard because I have very similar things happen (but not to this extent) with these 2 vernacular keyboards as well:

The differences with those 2 keyboards it the following:

Sometimes I have to close/reopen Keyman 2-3 times for the vernacular keyboard keystrokes to stop working.

Also this happens:

1a. Install one of the vernacular keyboards from the kmp file
1b. Use the Bukawa or yamap keyboard
1c. Uninstall the Bukawa or yamap keyboard
2. Go to a program where I was just typing vernacular.
3. I cannot type SHIFT + N. Other keystrokes seem to work fine.
4. Exit Keyman.
5. Go back to one of the problematic programs.
6. Press SHIFT + N once. Nothing happens.
7. Press SHIFT + N again, it works normally.

I don’t know if this has something to do with not associated a Windows keyboard layout for a Keyman keyboard properly? When I install either of these keyboards, it looks like this (the IPA looks the same):


After I uninstall it, it looks like this (after I uninstall the IPA, it looks the same):


My Windows Input Language looks like this:


I tried to find where I associate the Keyman keyboard with a Windows keyboard layout in Keyman Developer 11, but could not.

So I wonder if there was a change from IPA 1.6 to 1.7 that I also need to make in these vernacular keyboards.

Hi James,

It looks like a lot is going on here. I would recommend that you uninstall Keyman now and restart your machine for any necessary updates to take effect. Then trying to reinstall Keyman and the SIL IPA keyboard.

Let me know how it goes.


The issue you are experiencing with language switching here is most likely to do with exiting Keyman – when you exit Keyman, the IPA keyboard is unloaded, but the next active keyboard is not yet marked as active in the app. When you press a key, then Windows detects that the IPA keyboard that was selected is no longer present, so switches to another keyboard.

In the normal use case, you wouldn’t exit Keyman – just leave it running all the time.

I see. That makes sense. I’m not the normal use case. :wink: But that
also means I get the opportunity to find stuff “normal” people don’t.

I looked at all of my examples, and I think you’re right, leaving
Keyman open and functioning normally will prevent these issues from



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