Keyboard Layout for Different ANSI Indic Fonts

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Is it legal to create a Keyman keyboard layout for other vendor’s ANSI fonts?

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You can distribute a Keyman keyboard you create to anyone you want. If you want to include someone else’s font in your distribution package, you would need their permission to do so.

Have you considered using a Unicode font? Text using ANSI fonts would have several problems, such as people seeing totally different characters if they did not have the exact same font, or software might not recognize some characters as word-forming if the underlying ANSI code point was a symbol.

If the characters are in Unicode we would want you to create a Unicode keyboard. If you wish to use Private Use Area (PUA) characters for a script or characters that are not in Unicode, we would allow you do add a keyboard to the experimental stream.

Thanks for the reply Lorna & Steve.

Actually I just want to distribute the keyboard only as kmn file for other vendor’s ANSI font where a user can modify the layout as per their choice. I don’t and can’t distribute the fonts which is not copyrighted with me.