Keyboard iphone font default


I want to know how is possible change the default font on iphone. I’m using the Keyman app and installing my custom keyboard with the .kmp file.

English - EuroLatin Keyboard

My custom keyboard.

I want to have the same font as the EuroLating Keyboard.

Hi, that Keyboard uses DejaVu Sans.

Here is the line of code that defines the font for the EuroLatin keyboard:

You’ll need to do the same.

Please understand that this will change the font on your keyboard’s touch keys, but it WILL NOT change the font in your other applications like SMS, Facebook, etc.


For our record, fonts can be selected for the keyboard layout and for display where applicable. In the .kps file, click on the Keyboards tab on the left and then look to the right panel to see two dropdown menus to choose the font(s).

Not that the desirable font(s) should be added to the package for them to be visible here.

And also, the package should pull the fonts from this folder keyboards\release\shared\fonts\dejavu so we don’t have a proliferation of fonts in the different keyboard folders.

Thanks Lorna, I was vaguely puzzled why the font wasn’t in the font folder as I had to do that for my keyboard.

If there’s a font we think will be used by more than one keyboard, we strongly encourage it be added to the “shared” folder so it doesn’t have to be in multiple locations. Also, we do try to update the “shared” fonts when there are new versions of fonts. I don’t go trolling through the keyboards to see which versions of fonts are in there.

OK, I use Andika (Africa Subset) in the Cameroon Keyboards. Let me know if I need to redirect them, or someone from wsTech can do it.

I see sil_tchad also includes that font so maybe it would be worth me adding it to shared. Then I’ll let you update the keyboard to use it the next time you update the keyboards. Are there other Africa subsets you want there?