Keyboard Fails to Load / Load Correctly on iPhone XR / 11

Two related bugs.

  1. The keyman keyboard does not render at all if “Allow Full Access” is toggled OFF in settings. This is specific to keyman, occurs across all iOS apps tested, and is independent of installed languages. It’s not only visual, as clicking the blank area does not activate any key. Attached is a set of images with the native keyboard rendered and the keyman keyboard failed to render, both when the “Allow Full Access” toggle is off

  2. As a workaround, toggling “Allow Full Access” ON does enable the keyboard. This is undesirable as this should be optional, not required. However, the vowel keys do not render. The keys do function (are clickable / create text), but the keys are blank. The keyboard is usable, but you have to memorize where the vowels are.

These two bugs appear to conincide together. I’ve seen it on multiple iOS devices (XR, iOS16.1 and 11, iOS?). I have not seen this bug on an iPhone 7 or on Android.

I’m happy to help troubleshoot or provide more info.

About point 1 there - this is our best known workaround at present for a bug that started appearing with iOS 16. Earlier versions of iOS did not appear to require “Allow Full Access”. We’re communicating with Apple regarding this, though do note that this is proceeding slowly.

Your point 2 there is interesting and unexpected in regard to the vowel keys; my colleague @Shawn would probably be the best person to follow up with on that.

Thanks for reaching out to us about these issues! We’d definitely like to avoid the need for “full access” and are disappointed we’re having to rely on it at this time; if any programmers out there have insight into why this may have suddenly broken on the shift to iOS 16, we’d love to know.

Which keyboard is in the lower-right screenshot? It appears to be a keyboard for Hebrew, but I’m not sure which. (And I could be wrong on that; I’m no Hebrew / Aramaic script expert.) If you go into the app’s settings, you should be able to find its name and/or ID - that would help us greatly in any follow-up attempts.


On 1, good to know you guys are aware, and that explains why I don’t have an issue on mu iPhone 7 (stuck on iOS 15).

On 2, you’re correct. It’s ancient hebrew. Specifically, it’s listed as “Ancient Hebrew - Hebrew (SIL)” in the download list. I have version 1.9 sil_hebrew. The vowel issue again is only on my XR,iOS16. The vowels do appear on the iPhone 7.

Welcome @Shawn!

@Shawn, have you had a chance to look at the vowel key issue on this one?

@joshua_horton What’s the current status with Apple? No hard feelings either way. It’d be nice to know what to expect.

Hi Dylan,

I have not heard back from Apple yet on the iOS16 Allow Full Access issue.

I did some initial testing with the SIL Ancient Hebrew keyboard, and here is what I found:
iPhone 13 mini, iOS16.0.2 => blank vowel keys
iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 15.4.1 => vowels are visible on keys
I don’t have enough data to conclude whether the issue is specific to the device or iOS version, but it is interesting that we did not see the issue with iOS 15 for my iPhone 11 or your iPhone 7.
Is your iPhone 11 using iOS 16?

My XR where I’ve seen the vowel bug is on iOS 16. The iPhone 11 was reported to me secondhand, and I’m not sure which iOS they’re on. My iPhone 7 is on 15.

Could very well be another iOS 16 bug.

I created issue #7914 to track this.

See also:

(I think we want to track this in #2172?)