Keyboard doesn't work with some languages, some software

Windows 10, Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044
Keyman 15.0.269
My Naija Type keyboard is associated with several languages, including Hausa, English, Bacama etc. When installing the package the user is prompted to choose one of the languages, but in Keyman Configuration more languages can be added later. I find the following strange behaviour:

In Notepad, Wordpad, Fieldworks the keyboard only works (eg a + ; → ə) if I have Bacama selected in Keyman/Language bar, not Hausa or English. In Hausa and English (all varieties GB/US/NG) the activation keys are just not recognised so you type a then semicolon and instead of transforming the a into ə you get literally b;
In LibreOffice 3 the keyboard works correctly in every language.
The IPA SIL keyboard works fine everywhere.

KMP file is here:

@rowbory, could you send a diagnostic report following the steps at It sounds like there may be an issue with the Windows Text Services Framework component on your computer, but it’s hard to know what the cause is without technical data.

The report is here.

@rowbory, can you check your Windows language settings, specifically the “Typing” page – search for “Typing” in Settings. Do you have either of the settings under “Hardware Keyboard” switched on?


If so, can you try turning them off and see if that makes a difference?

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That’s absolutely it. I turn off the ‘Show text suggestions as I type’ and then it works fine. Sorry, I hadn’t thought about that being a problem.

Autocorrect and Multilingual text suggestions are fine on, but ‘Show text suggestions as I type’ stops the Keyman keyboard typing fo languages that presumably have a dictionary downloaded. That is slightly unfortunate, but I can live with that.

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Glad to hear that fixes it. We’ve got a Feedback issue with Microsoft on this, please vote on it and also perhaps share yourself as well: Windows Insider

I tried but was told my account “doesn’t have access to that feedback”.

Can you add your own feedback report and then share a link here that I can pass on?


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