Keyboard doesn't recognize letters typed by other keyboards

This language doesn’t allow accents on some letters but allows on others. But while typing with Gboard, I suddenly realized that the letter I just typed will need an accent/tone mark, I switched to keyman and tap the accent, but instead of the accent it is “context beep.” I have to backspace and type that same letter with keyman before the accent will sit on the letter. It has happened many times. It makes me feel that the Keyman app does not recognize some letters typed by other keyboards.

Also, some symbols typed with keyman app are not recognized by other apps/platform. For example, while creating user page on Wikipedia, the babel templates typed with keyman app remained as text, but the very same template typed with Gboard changed to babel user information, explaining the users level of competence in the different languages.

What could possibly cause these? Has someone else experienced this or is it happening only on my keyboard? Did I miss anything while programming? Please help.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you give some more detail on the exact circumstances around the accent/tone marks?

  • Android version (this is Android, right?)
  • App that you are using and version
  • Example fields in the app where you experience the problem
  • Keyman version
  • Keyman keyboard that you are using
  • Exact key sequences typed

Again, with the Wikipedia issue, can you give some more detail as described above so we can attempt to reproduce the issue here?

Android 8.0 and 5.1 (two different phones)
Keyman for Android 13.0.6214
Was using the keyboard to type in Google Keep and Notebook app (long typing - article)
Keyboard used:
I can’t get the exact key sequence (I didn’t know you will need it). The context beep issue happens when I’m typing long text. It doesn’t usually happen at the initial stage, so it may not show up until one typed to a certain length. If I switch to another keyboard to type in English, then continue with that keyboard into the local language, then suddenly realise that I need a tone mark then I switch back to Keyman, but it beeps instead of placing the tone. Let me use this example, from an article about Ethiopia:
“Ama-ibot kan̄, òrere Addis Ababa, ke ebọp uwu-ibot inyi AU, “Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, “United Nations Economic Commission for Africa”, “African Standby Force” mè owuwa NGOs ìkirọ inu ifolek Afirika…”
After typing “NGOs i” I will certainly need Keyman back for the tone mark and the dot under the o. But as I tap the tone key to get “ìkirọ” it beeps. So I will have to delete the I that the other keyboard typed and type a new I with keyman before the tone sits on it.

If you have the time to type the following with Keyman Android and then switch to another keyboard where you have those names of organizations then you would have reproduced the context (or exact key sequence):
“Etiopia ìre ido me [[Otu-utọn̄ Afirika]] me agan̄ mbum-ura. Ido yi ìre ijọn̄-ijọn̄ – kpunu emen-awaji mè ìre okwaan̄-ile gege. Ido ìtatap ikana ọmọ ìre Eritireya me agan̄ inyọn̄, Dijibuti me ntut inyọn̄-mè-mbum-ira, Somalia me agan̄ mbum-ura, Kenya me agan̄ òsiki, Sudan Òsiki me agan̄ ichep-ura, mè Sudan me ntut inyọn̄-mè-ichep-ura. Otu-ifuk ebi ene ìluluk me me ido ya mîwa iraka ego edit mè onaan̄ge (109 ego).
Etiopia ore ido eyi ìkakaan̄ emen-awaji eyi ene ewabe me emen ichit me linyọn̄. Ọmọ si ore òso ido iba ebi ene ewabe ichit me emen me Afirika. Okike ijọn̄ ido yi ìre ego kilomità ge mè efit obop ikat ikana (1 100 000 km²). Adis Ababa ore ama-ibot mè iyaka ire si ama òmimin ichit me ido ya.
Ido Etiopia ìkup akarake ukot ikaan̄. Me emen 980 [[SK]], eriọọn̄ ọmọ kire D’mt.
Ukpatu ibe ke îre gwun̄ kè Solomọn ogwu ogwu ubọọn̄ enenwaan̄ Sheba omanbe ore ogwu òchichili ido ya. Me emen adasi senturi, Ijọn̄-ubọọn̄ Asum okup me agan̄ ya mè isa ichili-chieen̄ itap me ere ya, me iyaka ikikpọ chieen̄ me lek. Me mgbọ ukot keya orakabe, Ijọn̄-ubọọn̄ Etiopia onenikup bene me inu òbet lek emen acha 1137.
Me emen akọp mè senturi onaan̄ge, mgbọ ebi uket-chieen̄ ekinyinyan̄a Afirika, Etiopia mè [[Wp/ann/Laiberia|Laiberia]] gaalek ere ido ìkekeke inye ikikpulu lek kiban̄ me ikeke ida [[Wp/ann/mkpulu-usun̄|mkpulu-usun̄]] eyi ebi ido [[Wp/ann/Yurop|Yurop]]. Owuwa ido inenisibi me irak mkpulu-usun̄ cha enimọnọ ngwugwat egop ido Etiopia isa irọ eyi kiban̄ si. Ubọk geelek ido Etiopia kperarak ikup me mkpulu-usun̄, ebi Itali mînikpulu ido ya me acha 1936 meege inire emen mgbọ [[Wp/ann/Akọn̄ Linyọn̄ òso iba|Akọn̄ Linyọn̄ òso iba]]. Mgbọ ebi Itali ekikpulu ido ya, mîgban inyam-ene mè ibene ikinama ido ya ibene igwuun̄ igak adasi mgbọ. Etiopia si ore adasi ido me Afirika òninin̄ [Wp/ann/Yu-en|Yu-en]]. Me acha 1974, mgbọ Haile Selassie orebe ubọọn̄ me ido ya, Derg, mkpulu akọn̄ [[Wp/ann/Kọmunisim|Kọmunisim]] mîsa me ntap-ubọk ebi [[Wp/ann/Sọviet Yuniọn|Sọviet Yuniọn]] itim mè ijijaka mkpulu ebi ubọọn̄ irieen̄ mè ibaan̄ mè isa me ikeya ichili “People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.” Me acha 1991, mîjijaka eyiya mè inichili “Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front,” eyi ore ebi oru ìkikpulu ido ya akarake eya.
Etiopia mè [[Wp/ann/Eritieya|Eritieya]] ekisa ubọk-ige-inu [[Wp/ann/Ge’ez|Ge’ez]] ige inu. Ge’ez yi ore ge me lek ebi kè abiche òkakan ichit me otu-ifuk otutuuk abiche ekisa ige inu mgbọ keyi me linyọn̄. Ema ekisa [[Wp/ann/Ofuk-acha eyi Etiopia|Ofuk-acha eyi Etiopia]] ifuk acha kiban̄. Eya ìsa inu òsolek acha jaaba mè onyan̄ ita ikigọọk [[Wp/ann/Ofuk-acha kè Giregọri|Ofuk-acha kè Giregọri]] me udun̄. Owuwa ene me ido ya ere ebi [[Wp/ann/Kiristien|Kiristien]]. (Ijọn̄ ubọọn̄ Aksum, eyi ido Etiopia onan̄abe me lek isibi, okore adasi ijọn̄ ubọọn̄ òbọbọkọ oniin̄ Kiristien itap ke ìre ido. Irek ge-me-ita me lek ebi ìkiluk me ido ya ekigọọk oniin̄ Isilam. Owuwa ebi [[Wp/ann/Ju|Ju]] mîluk si me lek ijọn̄ ya inire emen 1980 cha. Etiopia ìre ido òkitumu owuwa usem. Inu òwawa ire lek usem 80 okup me ido ya. Usem ini òmimin ichit ìre Oromo, Amara, Somali mè Tigiraya. Ebi usem iman kiban̄ orebe Oromo ewa ichit me otu-ifuk, sà ebi irọriọọn̄ itumu Amarik ewa ichit. Amarik yi si ke ekisa irọ mbubek eyi mkpulu me ido ya.
Lek ijọn̄ ido ya ìre ere esese chieen̄ inu okupbe. Ijọn̄ agan̄ ichep-ura kan̄ îwele enenen mè ikinin̄ lek inu ewopbe si. Îkaan̄ aka oron iwa mè ikaan̄ si owuwa okwaan̄. Dallol, ama ge òkup me agan̄ inyọn̄ me ido ya ore ere ebi ene elukbe òyoyok ichit me linyọn̄. Ijọn̄ agan̄ ogoon̄ ogoon̄ me Etiopia, omin mè ijọn̄ọ si me ijọn̄ ichit me Afirika. Ǹkororok Sof Omar me Etiopia ore ǹkororok òmimin ichit me lek ijọn̄ Afirika. Me otutuuk ido òkup me Afirika, Etiopia okaan̄ UNESCO World Heritage Site iwa ichit. Ofifi kan̄, ido ya ìre ge me lek ebi kè ido igbagban̄ ichili [[UN]], G-24, Non-Aligned Movement, G77, mè [[AU]].
Ama-ibot kan̄, òrere Addis Ababa, ke ebọp uwu-ibot inyi AU, “Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, “United Nations Economic Commission for Africa”, “African Standby Force” mè owuwa NGOs ìkirọ inu ifolek Afirika…”

I don’t know if that helped.

About the Wikipedia case (Android 5.1):
When you type this (template):

You should have this:

But when I used this
to type the first, the template was not recognized, so it remained as typed on the page without producing the second. But when I used Gboard to type the first, it produced the second.
I feel like some characters/symbols on my keyboard are not recognized.

Again (on Android 8.0), a previous build of the Keyman app could not search contacts in Google SMS app. When I type with Keyman no contact will show up. But they show up when Gboard is used.

Please note that Keyman does much good to us here. I really want to know if there is something I didn’t do well or if it’s an issue your team will have to look into. I’m expecting that soon the number of people using this keyboard will increase. Thanks.

Thanks for the additional feedback. @darcy is planning to look into this in more depth next week :slight_smile:

I discovered last week that the problem is not with the Keyman app but with the punctuation mark used. The template requires “:” (colon, U+003A) but the punctuation on the keyboard was “∶”(ratio, U+2236). This has been corrected on the keyboard, though not yet published.

Sorry for taking your time. Just wanted to let you know that your app works fine.

No problems, it’s all part of the journey! Glad you figured out the mystery, especially as it looks like we never actually got anywhere with this at our end.