Keyboard change from space bar

Excellent tool! It works great for us.
On Android we usually swipe (or press and hold) the space bar to change between languages.
Would it be possible to do that also from the keyboard created from KAB to swap the keyboards more easily?

This feature would need to be added to Keyman (see the Keyman community) and then it would flow into updates of KAB. There are a number of similar feature requests there but the Keyman team is currently very resource constrained so it may be a while before they can be addressed.

Thanks for your reply, Marc. Should I write this feature request in the Keyman section then?

No need to re-request – I’ve just moved this over (from KAB to Keyman) – I should have remembered that we can do that easily…

And how that we are here… I can respond in the same way :slight_smile: This is a feature we’d love to add and it has been noted already at We don’t currently have a timeline for implementation.