Keyboard cannot be uninstalled

On my Windows 10 computer, I created a new keyboard with Keyman Developer 11.0.1356. The keyboard file name contained a vowel with diacritics (ä). When I compiled the keyboard, Developer gave me a warning that I should not use these characters. But since it created the keybard I loaded it to Keyman Desktop and tried it out.
After that, I changed the file name, made some changes to the keyboard and loaded it again, and it worked.
The only issue is that the first trial keyboard, (the one with ä in the filename) is still installed in Keyman Desktop. I cannot remove it.
I tried uninstalling Keyman (using Revo Uninstaller to catch references in the registry), then rebooting and reinstalling Keyman Desktop and Developer. The link to the keyboard is still there.
I tried re-creating the keyboard file, and keyman actually links to the new version (I can see what has changed from that first trial version), but I still can’t remove it from Keyman Desktop.
Any ideas on how to remedy this situation?

It is finally gone!
This is what I did. I uninstalled Keyman Desktop and Developer for good measure, using Revo again. Then I did leave it off the computer for a couple of days, during which I ran a registry cleaner repeatedly, deleted all the entries for Unknown Keyboards in the Windows language settings, and rebooted the computer more often than I usually do.
When I reinstalled Keyman Desktop it finally came up with “no keyboard installed”.
Not sure which of what I did actually worked, but I am glad it is finally gone.

You can usually uninstall a keyboard by going to Keyman / Configuration.

Then click on the “X” that is at the far top right of the listed keyboard.

Did you try that and it didn’t uninstall?

Yes, that is what I tried and it would not respond to clicking the x. I was able to uninstall all the other keyboards that way, but not this one.
After it would not respond that, I tried uninstalling Keyman, as described in my original post.

Thanks for this report; I’m glad you were able to resolve the problem, and sorry it was more difficult than it should have been. I have created an issue report based on your experience – I am suspecting an encoding issue in the user interface was preventing the keyboard from being identified correctly to be uninstalled – and will try and reproduce in due course.

It’s great you were able to resolve this! I’m sorry we weren’t more helpful.