Keyboard APP standalone

I am building a keyboard with Keyman Developer,
But I see I can only use this with Keyman android or IOS engine,

Is there a way I can use this keyboard as a standalone app without keyman.
Is there any license fee or charges to get own branded keyboard if so then how it can be accomplished.


You should have an option to choose ‘any’ for the keyboard to be usable on any platform.

I am not sure if that can be done. The thing is that Keyman keyboard needs Keyman engine to run. Without which, it might not be usable. Keyman is free and open source, so you may tweak the code as needed as long as you comply with the licence therein. The source code lives here.

Also take a look at for details on how to create an app for iOS or Android that uses Keyman Engine without the Keyman branding.

Thank you very much Makara, I will surely follow your suggestions… much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Marc, this is surely going to help. :slight_smile: