Keman Ancient Greek Keyboard for Mac OS 11.4 Big Sur

I am new here and wanting to make sure that the last build of Keyman for use with Ancient Greek will work on my new iMac running Big Sur Mac OS 11.4. The last build I saw was compatible with the last build of Mac OS BEFORE OS 11. Will it still work if I try in on OS 11? Thanks to all and for you forbearance and patience with a newbie.


Welcome to the Keyman community.

I’ve just tried this Ancient Greek keyboard (Greek Classical keyboard) on my macOS 11.5.1 (the latest version of Big Sur) and everything seems working as expected per Keyboard Documentation (Greek Classical Typing Chart).

If you are going to use a different keyboard and have any issue with it, do not hesitate to post a new topic describing what you experience. :slight_smile: