Kayah Li keyboard

Hello! Can anyone update the Kayah Li keyboard for IOS 14.2

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Our developers are on leave. Could you try Keyman Web and see if it works for you for now? Here is the link to Kayah Li keyboard on Keyman Web: https://keymanweb.com/#kyu-kali,Keyboard_sil_kayah_kali.

Hi, Makara. I tried but still not working.image|281x500

Please fixing for us as you are possible. Thanks.

It looks like you have font issues. The keyboard is working fine for me on Android OS and Windows.

Random typing on Chrome on Windows: ꤞꤪꤥꤩꤟꤨꤕ.

For the time being, I do not have an iOS device to test. :frowning:

Yes. You should test the iPhone you may know how the font was a problem.

I think the only iOS device has a problem. a couple of My friends iPhone has the same problems as me. We need to figure out something else.

This is what is seen on Android.

Since this is iOS issue, we cannot do anything about it, unless you find a way to install the font necessary for it to render correctly.

On @makara’s request, I tried this out on an emulated iPhone SE 2 (iOS 14.2).


Within the Reminders app:

Within Safari:

So, while the font renders correctly within the Keyman app, it does not render correctly on iOS in general. There’s a shot this indicate the need to ‘register’ the font with the system, but this requires work we are unable to commit to for version 14. See [iOS] iOS 13 supports system-wide font installation, apparently. So we should do that. · Issue #3445 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.