Kayah language name


Currently in Bloom there are two options for the Kayah language - Western and Eastern. I recently met with the Karenni education department and they’ve asked if ‘Western’ and ‘Eastern’ can be taken out as the orthography is the same.

Is that possible? Do you need more information?
Thank you!

HI Katie,
There are a couple reasons we cannot readily help with this. First, in Bloom you are choosing a language, not an orthography (though it is possible to choose a language and then specify which orthography you’re using, for languages that have multiple). Second, we don’t maintain our own list. Instead, we just show a list that originates in Ethnologue.com. I think you could petition the Ethnologue to create a macro language that covers both?

What you can readily do is pick one and then change how the language name is printed on the books, in the lower-right-hand corner of the language chooser dialog box.


Alright, thank you for the information!