Kapersky blocking Bloom as adware

Has anyone experienced this situation?

We had the Bloom installer on a USB drive and copied it to his computer. Bloom installs correctly and the screen opens to Create a Collection.

But Kapersky displays a notification that the program is Adware and disinfection is needed. The computer restarts and in the process the bloom.exe file is deleted and the desktop icon no longer works.

The user came to me at the end of the day today, so time was limited. I suggested he try again and also see if it works to download it from Bloom website and install that file.

Any thoughts? (I have one day left with this group).

How to Fix Installation Problems has some general advice about dealing with antivirus programs. It may be necessary to disable it during Bloom installation. There may be a way to tell it to trust Bloom. If you can find a way to write to the developers of Kapersky and tell them Bloom is not adware, that would help others as well.

Thanks John.

I’ve encountered other antivirus or firewall issues before, so usually try the options in the help file.

In the log we found in Kaspersky, it actually marked Bloom as trusted and we could open it, but it also displayed the message about needing to disinfect.

I’ll check with the user again this morning.