Kannada localization


@Marc thank you very much for the all the support.

Kannada localization is complete. Please include it in the package.

Font: I have put it back to Tahoma, since it is not making any difference to localization.

Once it is released, if I find any issue.

Can I be able to edit it?

Also, I would like to continue to update it with the newer version of Keyman’s.


Hi @mayura

Thank you for your contribution to Keyman! We will make sure it is included in the next major release of Keyman. We are working on making the localization for Keyman more streamlined in version 12, and at that point will establish processes to make it easy to contribute, edit and update localization files.



Hello @Marc

Thank you very much.

Could you please push it in a point release for version 10.

I am not able package it with the keyboard package.

Also, please look at this bug. It is repeatable in Windows 7.

Keyman doesn’t show the installed keyboard, when we right click on the keyman in system tray after restarting the computer.

We need to right click twice.

Please try to resolve this.

I’ve logged this for investigation in the 11.0 timeline. If the fix is straightforward we may be able to push it into a 10.0 maintenance update as well.

Build 10.0.1204.0 should include Kannada localization. (https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/pull/1287)

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Thank you very much for the support