KAB app with multiple keyboards: Switching between them

Using the Keyman button to switch between keyboards packaged in the app does not work for me. I can see both keyboards listed, but pressing either immediately closes the selection window and returns me to the first keyboard.

Here’s why I need it:

The language community served by my keyboard highly values being able to type emoji and English words mixed into their language. On phones that display the navigation buttons as elements on the screen, (at least for more recent versions of Android??) they should get a handy keyboard-switching button to the right of these whenever a keyboard is active:

But devices with hardware navigation buttons (like my Moto g6) don’t have this, so switching keyboards is laborious: You swipe down to see notifications, find the one relating to keyboard switching, click it, select the desired keyboard, etc. Quite a pain just to insert a smiley face or English word in the middle of vernacular text.

To switch between Keyman keyboards would be pretty quick, but it doesn’t work for me. Is it supposed to?

Also, including an emoji keyboard in the package results in the lexical model suggestions not showing up for the primary keyboard.

Android P had deprecated a call that the Keyman Engine for Android (KMEA) was using to switch to the next system keyboard.

It’s fixed in KMEA version 13.0.6216 (July 17, 2020) so it sounds like KAB just needs to update its KMEA version.

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It looks like the current KAB is using 13.0.6214 (from the release notes) so it needs updating.

This will be fixed in the next release (after 8.0.1).

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We have a similar issue with a language group (Jennu Kurumba), that is scattered across 3 states, and using 3 different scripts. (Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada). We have built a bible app with all 3 scripts and planning to build also a Keyboard app for the team. All keyboards were embeded, with lexical models also, but the issue observed is that switching is not possible. Only the first keyboard selected will work even if we try to change it. Reinstalling the app will give the possibility to select another keyboard.