K_ENTER issue on Some Mobile Apps


With the Twitter app on a Samsung phone, I used a Keyman keyboard to enter a search keyword. After typing the search term, pressing “Enter” (a K_ENTER key) had no effect. I had to switch back to the Samsung native keyboard to submit the keyword. On the native keyboard the “Enter” key icon had turned into a magnifier glass and I have no idea what character code it sends.

I guess this is likely an old issue, I only started using the app (vs web page) recently. Is there a known solution for this that can be addressed in a touch layout design?



We don’t currently support customization for specified ‘input modes’, as they’re known. These are special signals that apps can provide to say what sort of text we should provide.

Those are some fairly extensive lists, and thus there are quite a few ways that keyboard layouts would have to adjust accordingly to integrate well with these targets.

Simple K_ENTER customization is likely on the simpler end of the scale. That said, we don’t have the plumbing in place within the engine to dynamically modify the OSK in this manner at this time. It’s something we’ve noted before, but are currently not prioritizing at this time.

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There was a similar issue for K_ENTER to add a newline instead of sending a message (e.g. Facebook Messenger)

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