Justified lines formatting option

A group I am working with feels strange publishing a book with ragged edges for the ends of the lines. They are wondering how to make their text justified. This is considered the “proper” way for text to look in their context.

What do you advise?

Bloom is designed to produce books for early readers and since justified-line formatting makes the text more difficult to read, it’s not included as a ready-made option in Bloom.

However, Bloom does permit users to customize their books by adding the file “customBookStyles.css” to your book’s folder and adding custom css code. For example, adding these lines will cause all text to be justified:

p {
text-align: justify;

Great, thank you for that helpful information. I was pretty sure that it was intentional for you to not include justified formatting as an option for that reason, but it is so pervasively viewed here as the correct way of formatting books that I am not sure whether the community will accept a book that is not justified as a properly made book. We will give it a try with the left aligned formatting, but it is helpful to have a way to get around that if it becomes necessary.