ITRANS Vedic Keyboard

Hi, I have installed keyman along with itrans_devanagari_sanskrit_vedic keyboard in my Mac (Catalina).
The keystroke for Vedic tone double svarita (two vertical bars above the character) is given as 3 single apostrophes (’’’). This does not s seem to work while the Vedic tone single svarita - one vertical bar above the character - using (two apostrophes) works fine.
I am new to keyman, so may have missed something. Please help.

Can you tell me exactly what keystrokes you are using? I just tried ka''' and it outputs क᳚ Since I don’t actually know how it should be used, I don’t what keystrokes to test. If you have another combining mark, I suppose it might not work, but it’s fine with that sequence anyway.

Since it may be a macOS issue, could you make sure you’ve updated Keyman for mac to the latest version and try it again? Let us know what version you are using.

Thank you Lorna for your quick response. It appears to be a Keyman version issue. I downloaded the latest Keyman version 14.0.281 and tested. It works fine now.

Thanks Again

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Thanks for letting us know.