Issues with .MSI files compiling installer package

Hi, I am having issues compiling the package installer in Keyman and previous threads are not helping me to resolve the issue. I am receiving an error message that the .msi file I am using is incorrect and that I should “use a redistributable installer”. Could anyone point me to the correct file I should be using?

Hi @Jack_R, welcome to the community!

Can you give a bit more detail, e.g. screenshots and exact error messages that you a receiving? Also which version of Keyman Developer you are using?

Thank you for the response! Here is the error message which came up on compiling. I am using Keyman Developer

Don’t include the .msi file in the package’s Files. Instead identify where the source .msi is on the compile page and Compile it there.

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@rowbory is correct. The reason you don’t include the .msi in the package files is that the package can be distributed to multiple types of devices as a .kmp file which Keyman can load. The Windows Installer mode (which builds a .exe file) is only for Windows devices, so when you want to create a standalone installer for Windows that installs both Keyman and your keyboard package together, you can build that with the Windows Installer section as @rowbory shows.