Issue with Custom Keyboard and Email

I am having an issue with a keyboard I created that uses both Latin (English UK) and Cherokee characters

When I send an email from my android keyman keyboard, when I view the email on my windows 10 laptop in both outlook and the mail app, the latin letters are a different size to the cherokee ones. This problem has only recently occurred.

Interestingly, if I go to reply to the email on my laptop, if I highlight the text and click “clear all formatting” all the letters align correctly at the right size

Is there anything I can do in keyman developer to sort this problem?

Many Thanks


It probably depends on the font you are using. If you select a font that includes both Latin and Cherokee characters you will likely have fewer problems. You can select the font to use in the .kps file, and include the font in the package. That works for your computer, but may not on the mobile device as I think font selection only works in the Keyman app on mobile devices.

Thanks for your reply Lorna

It’s just strange, as when I open an email in a web browser, all the characters align fine, it’s only in outlook and mail app on windows 10 that they show misaligned. It’s quite frustrating and a problem that’s only recently started occurring.

How do I select the font in the .kps file?

In the .kps the second tab is Keyboards. If you added the font in the Files tab, you can then select the font under Keyboard font and Display font. I cannot remember what the difference is with those, so I always just select the same font. Make sure the font has a license that allows distribution. (For example, Microsoft fonts would not allow redistribution.)

Sorry I`m a novice Lorna, how do i add a font in the files tab?

Here’s the “Files” tab open in a .kps file.

At the bottom you can see Add…. Click on that and navigate to the font you want to add to the package. The font MUST either be in your project folder somewhere, like source or a subfolder, or it could be in release\shared\fonts folder (but currently I don’t see that we have any Cherokee fonts in our shared\fonts folder.

Then, after you add the font in that tab, you can click on Keyboards and you’ll see this:

You can add the font at that point.

On an Android device, the font included with the keyboard will not have any impact on the mail client. There is no way to add fonts to an Android device. This is not an issue with the keyboard as such, so Keyman Developer will not help you here.

This issue is probably specific to the mail app on the Android device – I am guessing now, but it is probably trying to select a font that supports Cherokee on your Android device, but then that font is not available on your Windows computer, so your Windows computer falls back to an alternate font. Which mail app are you using?

Hi Marc

I am using the windows 10 mail app. When i try outlook on a chrome browser the text aligns fine. This problem has only just started occurring. Its also a problem when I open the outlook app.

It shows fine if i send the email using the keyboard and also open the message on android. But as soon as I view the same message on my laptop in outlook or windows mail app, it shows misaligned. The latin characters are smaller than the cherokee

Which mail app are you using on Android to send the message?

Outlook, but also outlook on web

Okay, I haven’t used Outlook on Android, so I don’t know anything about its functionality. Can you send messages as plain text rather than formatted? Or is there a method of specifying fonts within Outlook on Android?

This would definitely be an issue with how Outlook chooses fonts, rather than within Keyman.

Hi Marc

Thanks for all your help

It’s fine to be honest, all emails show alignment on my phone. And any email sent from computer and opened on PC are fine too, so the problem is workable, if not ideal

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