Is there a way I can put a box around pictures?

I know I can put a box around a text box, but can I put a box around pictures? I am doing a science text for an elementary class and want to have 3 or four pictures on the page. It would be good to be able to have these in a box since they are quite different pictures - which of these do not belong? Also when there is three across the page illustrating a point, they all run into one another and it would nice to clearly separate them.

any thoughts?

I would also like to see this feature.

There’s no nice UI way to do this. It would be possible with custom CSS to put a box around every image, individually–but I gather in some cases you’d like to have boxes grouping more than one image?

Of course one option is to use some image editor to create image files which have the box as part of the image.

Here is a workaround that can help when images run together. I use “Change Layout” and create a narrow box between the images. I don’t select either text or image, so it just comes out as a blank space on the page. But since it is a box, its borders can be dragged around to get the amount of spacing you want.

I also agree that it would be great to be able to put frames around images, by the way!

Thanks Paul, I’ve done this with keeping text boxes better positioned… so thanks for reminding me I could do it for illustrations too.

Thanks John,
Good to know there’s no nice way to do it, then I won’t keep looking!

I think putting the box around the images I want boxes on in the image itself would work. A bit fiddly when using automatic insertion from Art of Reading but I can work around that I think.
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I was thinking along the lines of the borders that you can already set around text boxes, via the gear icon in Change Layout view. Sounds like this is not possible?

I guess you could set the narrow boxes as Text and add a border along whichever side(s) are relevant? Worth checking out. You might need to create a text style with font size 7pt (the smallest I’ve been able to set) to prevent red overflow notices.

It could be made possible, but that would be an enhancement to the program. And there are some complications…for example, the picture may not be exactly the same shape as the space set aside to it. Should the box match the picture or the space?

my first thought would be that it would be best to have the option for the border to be on or off the entire picture box. Now that we have the option to change layout we can set the box to the exact size we want it using the work around that Paul mentioned (extra empty boxes each side of the picture if needed). And I’m assuming this would be easier to program??

I would rather have a border around the entire picture frame, that could be set the way text frame borders are set currently. I’m thinking that for literacy materials it’s common to want a table-like look, for instance, a 3x2 grid of images in which you would circle all the pictures that start with ‘p’.