Is Keyman 15 Backward compatiable?

I have some ANIS keyboard in Indic Languages which I create in Keyman 5.0, 6.XX & in 7XX
Now I open them in Tike 15 and try to compile freshly with version 7.0 string.

But the kmx did not run in properly and it’s broken.

It is possible to create a keyboard in 15 and run it in lower?

I still have TIKE 7.1 (with Branding Pack) but after open the kmn in 15, the *.kmn files does not work at all in again Tike 7.1

an example

store(&VERSION) ‘7.0’

store(&NAME) ‘xyz_test’

store(&COPYRIGHT) ‘©me’

store(&BITMAP) ‘xyz.ico’

begin ANSI > use(main)

group(main) using keys

Keyman Developer 15 should be able to compile a v7.0 keyboard with no significant binary file changes. If you are finding that v15 cannot compile down to a 7.0 keyboard, can you supply an example?

It is true that version 11+ keyboard editor will update stores to use the 8.0+ store(&NAME) "xxx" (etc) format instead of the old NAME "xxx" format. Those header lines are the only ones updated, however, so you can simply restore them in the 7.1 editor and it should compile there.

Hi Marc,

Nice to getting a reply after a long time (may be after 7.1 :grinning: )

Yes V15 or any recent stable version compile my all keyboards, not an issue. the issue is after compilation in recent version, those kmx does not install in older version of keyman. i.e if I compile the keyboard in 13 then the kmx does not install in keyman 12, if I compile in 9 then it will not install in 6.2

Thanks a lot

That’s curious. Have you set the &VERSION line to the preferred version, e.g. 6.2? What error message(s) do you receive?

Hello Marc,
Greetings of the day!
After compile a kmn in any higher version of tike (eg. Tike ver 10 and keyman ver 7 or 8 or 6.2) the kmx works fine on this version and upper but it can’t install in lower. Lower version keyman shows a message that "this keyboard was made with a higher version of developer than the keyman version, so it can’t install.

And yes i set the version lower in my kmn files.

Best regardd

So I am not sure why this is happening. I have tested building a keyboard for version 7.0 with Keyman Developer 15 and it worked fine. Make sure the keyboard version line is store(&VERSION) "7.0" – the compiler will then generate the appropriate file.

In general, our advice is that you should always try and run the latest version of Keyman. Perhaps if you have a need to use the old version of Keyman, you should use the old version of Keyman Developer to build keyboards for it?