Is it possible to put streaming audio in each chapter? so user can listen when they connected to Intrenet

After reading through the manual book of RAB and searched our community, I still can’t figure out how to link mp3 links with each chapter? The only choice shown is to upload audio file.
I tried to use hyperlink in book document (Word), but it doesn’t work when using on phone.

I have each audio for each chapter, if all packed in apk, it will be crazy big. I have my cloud storage with all the links that can be used. So may I ask if it’s possible for RAB to stream online audio? Thanks a lot.

Thinking why Word Format can’t be shown in produced app.

Here’s from manual:
When Word documents are displayed in the app, basic formatting will be
preserved such as character styles (bold, italic, underline), numbered lists, bullet
points, hyperlinks and simple tables.

However, this what I found the page source for book web view: the last line was made as 2 hyperlinks in Word. But here, RAB doesn’t recognise it as a link.

联网看视频 联网听录音

Anyone knows what’s the right way for writing Word so as to show hyperlinks properly in RAB?

Many thanks.

If you have audio files for each chapter. Then drag them into the Audio files section and make sure they are associated with the correct book and the right chapter. There is no need for a link in the text.

Are you wanting to synchronize the sentences with the audio?

Thanks a lot Ian, for your reply.

The way you mentioned I used in to small book, still 20 audios for that book already made the apk file up to 15M (after compressed each one to the lowest quality…). I have 16 other books…I can’t afford to make a huge apk file if I “drag all audios to Audio files section”.

So I would like to ask if any possible instead drag all audio files into Audio section, why couldn’t I just give my links to Audio section. This way,

  1. it will effectively reduce apk size and much more easy for distribution.
  2. readers can just stay in the same window to read book while listen to the streaming audio instead leaving the book to listen in the browser.

Also, may I ask if it’s possible to use only video cover pic for all videos in one book? That’s the other way I found I could use links for steaming sound. However, even with a small compressed pic for all video, RAB will duplicate each this small pic for each video which massively increase the size of the output.

At the end, this is a amazing tool which I really appreciate for it and your outstanding effort to make it. Good job!

You can have your files on the internet but in order to make the app you need to put them in the Audio section. They will not be in the app if you choose to have them on the internet. RAB needs to know what audio file goes with which chapter.

Set up your Audio source to be on the Internet. Not every place on the internet can be used to host audio files. Google Docs does not work.
Add the files and make sure they are associated with the correct chapter. Build the app and check its size. Test the audio files download and play.

Thanks Ian for intro this new way to add online files in Audio section.
I’m sorry I still quite confused how to link my online files to each chapter?

  • Put them in a doc then upload? Obviously, there’s no place to upload any “source” in RAB. It only allows to create a name for a source.
  • if simply "Add the files and make sure they are associated with the correct chapter. ", wondering where I can link those files to my online address?
  • also, where exactly I can chose “have them on the internet”?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Answering your questions in order.

  • You need to set up a File Source, see below.
  • Setting up the File Source takes care of this.
  • The File Source defines where they can be found on the internet.

You set up your File Source first:
Audio > File Source tab
Add File Source button
Name the Name/Description: Internet or a name that means something to you.
Choose source as: Download from the Internet.
Put in the Web Address
Click OK
If this is the only File Source it will be the default. If there are two then right click on the one you created and select Set as Default
Then In the Audio Files tab
Click on Add Audio Files…
Now make sure the files are with the correct chapter. Good file naming and chapter numbering in the file name will make this easy.
Note in the Audio Files table there is a Source column that should match your File Source. It it does not you can right click and change it.