Is graphite supported on Language Forge?


I wonder whether complex scripts (those that require graphite) are supported in Language Forge. If there is support for Graphite is it only certain browsers?


Of the major browsers, only Firefox supports Graphite.



Is it the case that LanguageForge itself supports Graphite?


Hi David,

Thank you for your question. Language Forge currently does not have any specific knowledge of fonts or Graphite. In this respect, it’s the same as any other website or web application. A future Language Forge should allow project managers to specify both the font and font-features of the script in use, and then deliver the appropriate markup for the text being shown. A more advanced feature could be to deliver the appropriate WOFF for whatever scripts are used on the page. These are future Language Forge features. As it stands now, most complex scripts are already supported with a modern browser and OS with OpenType support. The SIL NRSI folks are actively working to produce OpenType fonts that can render all known complex scripts, with one exception: Nastaliq. Graphite is required to render Nastaliq because OpenType is insufficient to do so properly.

Is Graphite supported on Language Forge? As Bob said, it is if you use Firefox to access Language Forge. If you were to ask “Are complex scripts supported on Language Forge?” (perhaps this is what you are asking?), Then the answer is yes, with only a few exceptions. Those exceptions are getting smaller every year and in the near future the NRSI will be down to the only script requires Graphite. Exciting times!